2016 Knitting Podcast Survival List

Last year I did a Knitting Podcast Survival List in the weeks leading up to Christmas, just after I had discovered podcasts and started this blog (you can find the post here), and I thought it was about time I did a little update.


This year I’m including podcasts and blogs: we don’t all have an hour to ourselves during the holiday season to watch a podcast episode, but we might have 15 minutes to read a quick blog post!

Inside Number 23

I am sure, positively sure, you have all been watching Katie from the Inside Number 23 podcast. Katie produces quality videos and VLOGs (check out her VLOGTOBER playlist) that feature her sublime knitting and sewing projects as well as her travels and days our. She also does her famous “General Waffle” segment (Katie if your reading I’m totally doing the salute right now) where she talks about life in general or movie reviews. Her videos are so well put together and she’s an absolute natural in front of the camera. Also, check out her dog Roly, who is literally the star of the show.

Mason-Dixon Knitting

Mason-Dixon Knitting is a blog that I’ve just recently came across that aims to bring together all the great designers, writers and knitters from across the world. It definitely has that community vibe! I personally love their First Person blog posts, which are really personal, insights into the lives of other knitters and how our craft is experienced by others. At the moment, I’m particularly loving the posts on Self-Care: it’s something I think we all need a little more of in our lives and Max Daniels has a wonderful way of talking about it.


CraftLit is my favourite audio podcast to listen to at the moment. This one is great for those of you who love the classics; Craftlit is an audio book podcast hosted by Heather with a bit of crafty chat thrown in for good measure. Each chapter is analysed and talked about by Heather afterwards, where she gives interesting and useful background information about the history of the period or the author. It really is like having a portable book/knitting group in your ear! This audio podcast has such an extensive back catalogue (I’m about to start Little Women) so if you’ve never listened to the podcast, you will be hard pushed to run out of episodes, but if you are up to date the delay between episodes or books can be long.

Fringe Association Blog

I stumbled upon this blog a while back thanks to the hype over their Fringe Supply Co bags, and although I subscribed, I didn’t quite take to the blog until recently. Their Slow Fashion October pieces have been enlightening and have really made me think about my fashion choices and why I want to knit and sew garments. New posts go up almost daily on a variety of different subjects whether it be a queue check or swatch of the month or tutorials. Their blog is so well written and thoughtfully designed, you’ll be sucked into their aesthetic in an instant.


AlterKnit is a newer podcast created by Adrian, which offers high quality vlog type videos and tutorials. His videos tend to be shorter than the average podcast, something I am really loving at the moment, but he is absolute joy to watch and I’m always checking my youtube feed for new videos. Check out his #INSPO What Inspires Me to Knit video – it is sublime! It completely transports you away.


If you’re into sewing podcasts or blogs, check out Gabby’s. Her videos tend to be shorter and she is very unafraid with her fashion choices, something I really admire. Gabby is seriously cool (she is the front woman of a band and she lives in London) and is just a lovely person on screen. She is also doing VLOGMAS this year so please check it out.

SpicyHomeMaker Podcast

This podcast is about to undergo some re-branding in the new year, but I thought I should definitely give a shout out to one of my longtime favourite podcasters, Melissa. If you haven’t checked out her podcast, please do. Melissa, in my book, is becoming known for her great reviews; She really puts the items through the mill, they’re informative and they include the opinions of other crafters from her Ravelry group. This podcast has a great community vibe with lots of chatter, KALs and games going on in her Ravelry group and Melissa has amazing energy on screen (and her stories are a hoot too!).

A Playful Day

A Playful Day is an audio podcast I’ve been listening to since season 2 began. It’s a lifestyle podcast that inspires you to be as creative and crafty as you can be everyday. The episodes interchange between interviews with some great business owners and other crafty people (check out the interview with Casey and Jessica of Ravelry!) and other episodes that delve into developing creativity or inspiration. I really loved this episode on how to have an adventure and the idea of mini-adventures – taking the time to discover new, little things within your town, city or district and appreciating them. I really took that episode to heart and it’s became a bit of a monthly routine for my partner and I.

Handmade and Woolen

Formerly the TinyPaperFoxes podcast, this podcast is presented by Jenny and Devon where they talk about their love of knitting, spinning and making a handmade wardrobe. The episodes are much shorter than the average podcast (which is great if you don’t have a lot of time) and they are generally focused on a theme, whether it be learning how to spin or how to have a 100% handmade wardrobe by 2020. I find their podcast to be extremely informative and I have been learning lots about different sheep breeds. Some of their earlier podcasts are great too for the photography section. Those really improved how I take photos so check them out!


The Yarngasm podcast is hosted by Kristen, the dyer behind Voolenvine yarns, where she talks about her knitting, sewing and sometimes spinning projects. She recently started a VLOGMAS series, which gives a really good insight into the life of a small business yarn dyer. Those are great episodes! I personally love seeing what she makes using her own hand-dyed yarns and seeing her sewing journey – it really gives us beginners hope!!


KnitPotion is another of my longtime reads. This blog is mainly where I get my knitting gossip, as it were, about fun, interesting things happening in the Knitting world, whether it be on Instagram or on other blogs. I really love the thoughtfullness of Melinda’s blog posts and all the lovely things she knits.

Sew Over It

Another favourite sewing podcast of mine is Sew Over It. I am a big fan of their patterns and Lisa, their creator, has a weekly podcast where she shows her makes, pattern releases and fabrics. This podcast is great; Lisa is a really fun host. One of my favourite episodes was the shop tour of fabrics – it gave me a lot of shopping inspiration!

So there you have it, this year’s list of my most watched blogs and podcasts. I hope you’ll be able to find something in there that keeps you going over the Christmas period. This week, I’m off to finish my Christmas shopping – I always leave it to the last minute oops! I hope you all are having a great weekend and in any case, keep knitting and enjoy the Christmas period!

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