Off-Cuts #2

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend filled with sunshine and chocolate just like the WoolieFeatures household! Today, I wanted to share some great things I’ve enjoyed just in case they’re something you’d enjoy too! Enjoy!


– Atelier Brunette have bought out a range of buttons that I think could be the most beautiful buttons I’ve ever seen. I bought a couple of sets for my Ursula top so I’ll show you those when they arrive. I haven’t found a UK stockist yet, but you can buy them direct from Atelier Brunette which is based in France.

– Looking to buy children’s books? Check out Book Island, an independent children’s book publisher based in Bristol, UK. I recently bought “What does the Crocodile Say?” by Eva Monantari for my niece and it’s a great book

– Yes I’m not joking, Yarn Advent Calendars are now up for sale! So far I’ve seen Norah George Yarns, Sweet Sparrow Yarns and Lay Family Yarns all advertise their calendars on Instagram! Keep an eye on your favourite dyer because they’ll surely be releasing them soon!

Yarn Shop day is coming back for another edition and the day to note in your calendars is 27th April 2019! Support your local yarn shops and join in on the fun!

– I’m a big fan of week planners for my day job. They help me set goals as it were for myself for what I want/need to achieve each day and it just keeps me on track, giving me control over my week and enabling me to be able to say “No.” to another meeting etc when I’m already havinga busy day. I recently bought this beautiful planner, printed and bound in Scotland, by Mark + Fold. Their stationary is minimalist and beautiful- just how I like it!


– This blog post by SkeinHeroine is a great one to read, detailing some of the rich wool history we have here in the UK and urging people to give it a try.

This blog post by Cat and Sparrow Yarns about viscose and why they’re interested in knowing where their viscose comes from and making sure it’s sustainable.


– Knit to this – a podcast I’ve just started listening to is “Who the Hell is Hamish?” by The Australian, detailing the life of a con artist currently on trial in Australia.

– Are you into interior design? If so, perhaps you’ll like the podcast The Great Indoors hosted by TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth (of Mad About the House fame!). They give tips, advice and discussion about interiors, trends and all things indoors.


– Are you into foreign language films or series shows? If so, you should watch Deutschland 83, currently on 4 on demand for those in the UK. It’s about a young man who is living in East Germany and is sent as a spy into West Germany. It’s a great political drama interjected with humour and pop culture from the time. I have loved it! And the best thing is there’s a sequel!

– One of my pleasures on BBC iPlayer is Celebrity Painting Challenge. This show takes six celebrities, including Jane Seymour and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who paint as a hobby and put them through challenge to push them and improve their skills. It’s so relaxing and honest that it’s so refreshing to see on TV these days. If you’re looking for something to watch on a Sunday afternoon while you’re crafting, give it a go.


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