I Smell Snow in Spring

COVID-19 has made the world a funny place, hasn’t it? A lot of us are cooped up at home, pottering around, trying to juggle work life in our homes with homeschooling our kids, or managing our to-do lists with our ever increasing pit of anxiety and worry in the background. Life is unstable. In multiple parts of the world, we’re starting to emerge from lock down into a new kind of world which reminds us of the lives we once led, but are completely different with new rules and regulations. We can’t shop or socialise or travel or exercise as we once did. It’s scary. It’s bewildering. And we’re all managing day by day by simply surviving.

For me, entering into lock down, I thought, not a whole lot would change. Ok I have to work more from home but I’m a person who loves being in their house. A sloth if you will. My home is my safe space where I can just be. You’ll normally find me in lounge-wear or pjs since I never wear “outside clothes” indoors, crafting and watching TV or playing some video games. I’m just my normal comfortable self. So I thought this would be fine!

But it’s not, is it? It’s not fine. For some reason, work is ten times more hectic than it was in the office, even though our projects have ramped down, there’s only so many times you can spring clean your house, the motivation to do anything has completely gone out the window and before you know it, you’re sitting there staring at the four walls and you can feel your mind start to swell with the anxiety, frustration and restlessness like a tiger pacing its cage. Now that the UK government has started to relax it’s rules, us shielders can now go outside once a day for air and exercise and I’ve found that instead of being happy and excited to go out and re-explore my surrounding area and “freedom”, I’m scared and anxious of meeting people and being outside. My threat system is in overdrive!

I’ve found that even my knitting projects wouldn’t help me in these moments.

But easy knitting projects are sometimes that little thread of light that pulls you out of your funk and I think I’ve found a great one: I Smell Snow by Melody Hoffman. This knitting pattern takes inspiration from the Scottish hap design and simplifies it, making it modern and minimalist. I chose to make it out of two yarns, a crazy, bright variegated yarn by Blue Bell yarns called City Lights and a plainer, moodier navy yarn by The Knitting Shed called Mordor. I love the pairing of these yarns! Both of them are stash yarns that I bought a few years ago and have lived in my stash with nowhere to go… until now.

The pattern itself is easy, just think of it like a corner to corner (c2c) lap blanket and you have the jist. The eyelets give it a subtle interest that forces you to at least keep an eye on your stitch count, which brings focus to your mind. It’s a delightful knit that is great for sitting in front of the TV and when it gets big enough, it works as a blanket for you in the meantime. I definitely enjoyed that!

I personally like the difference in weight between the two yarns I’ve chosen. The City Lights colour is a 2ply with a light twist which makes it lofty and really squishy, whereas the Mordor colour is a classic sock yarn that gives a beautiful stitch definition. The end result gives one half that is cosy and squishy and another half that is lighter and airier. The only issue is that I find it to be too bulky and cumbersome to wear, especially with the cute tassles that are recommended… Though as I said it is a great blanket to snuggle in or a play blanket to put down on the floor for your child to play on. It could be a lovely gift for a new child. That will be what I probably do with it.

So what do you think? Would you add tassles to this shawl?

What have you been knitting on recently? Let me know in the comments below! I hope whatever you’ve been working on has brought you joy and comfort over the last few months! As always, sending you joy and positivity from my little corner of the internet!

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