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Do any of you have a bucket list? A bucket list of things to do, places to see? Well I have one of those too, but mine includes things I’d like to learn or do, like horse riding, or seeing the Northern Lights. Knitting had been on that list for a long, long time and it took me until 2012 to say, “Enough’s enough. I’m going to learn how to knit.”. So I went to my local yarn store in the South of France and bought my first pair of bamboo needles and some seriously chunky wool. A few months later, my first giant garter stitch scarf was born!

Since then I’ve not looked back! Knitting is something I do everyday. I’m sure you understand the need for crafting in your life, to calm you, to relax you. I’ve been making accessories for a long time, but I’m now venturing into making garments and I’m even learning how to sew.

It’s going to be an adventure so stick around and join me on my journey.

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