Life, Life, Life

2020 was a rollercoaster, wasn't it? Just when we think lockdown is over and life is getting back to some sort of normal, another Covid spike will happen and we'll get restricted again. Here in the UK, we're currently in our third national lockdown. I've found the whole thing all very strange to be honest.… Continue reading Life, Life, Life


I Smell Snow in Spring

COVID-19 has made the world a funny place, hasn't it? A lot of us are cooped up at home, pottering around, trying to juggle work life in our homes with homeschooling our kids, or managing our to-do lists with our ever increasing pit of anxiety and worry in the background. Life is unstable. In multiple… Continue reading I Smell Snow in Spring


Mid-Knitting Snacks | Lemon and Lime Polenta Cake

Do you have a tradition involving cakes? In my full time job, cake is everywhere! It's what we bring when it's our birthday, when we're leaving our job, whenever there's an occasion really. The one I like best is when we've just delivered an important piece of work and as a team, we organise a… Continue reading Mid-Knitting Snacks | Lemon and Lime Polenta Cake