A Trescao for Comfort

One of my favourite finished objects that I've made in 2021 has been my Trescao jumper, designed by Along Avec Anna. Looking through my wardrobe, I realised that I didn't have a light coloured knit jumper, nor did I have any cropped knits. So when I was searching, I was looking for a pattern that… Continue reading A Trescao for Comfort


A Stillness Shawl in Winter

As I've written about many times, 2020 was a hard year for my creativity - it completely disappeared for the most part. I think most people will have experienced the same thing as me. The pandemic really took over and forced my being into this survival mode where the best I could ask of myself… Continue reading A Stillness Shawl in Winter

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Throwback to Our First Knits!

What does November mean to you?┬áIt probably means a lot of things. It's the month of Guy Fawkes night, full of fireworks and bonfires. It's the month of Wovember, full of woolly goodness. It's the month full of lovely, happy things, of cosy times, of wrapping up warm and eating soulful, comforting stews, but if… Continue reading Throwback to Our First Knits!