A Suzie Blouse for the Sun

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're all having a great start to your weeks! So what's new? I have had a few weeks off from blogging just to rest and organise my life a little to create a sort of routine. There's so much to talk about so how about we start with the end… Continue reading A Suzie Blouse for the Sun

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Looking Ahead to #MeMadeMay2018

Hello everyone! It's almost time for Me Made May 2018 (#MeMadeMay2018)! Are you guys taking part? Any plans in the pipeline? I've recently been on a long whistle stop business trip in France and if I'm honest, my mind was not on the business that was going on. I just couldn't stop mentally planning what I… Continue reading Looking Ahead to #MeMadeMay2018


Microadventure | How to Have a MicroAdventure

I’ve been thinking a lot about summer recently. It’s announced itself with a loud bang here in the south of France with temperatures already reaching 27°C. My air con is on full power and the fans have been propped around the bedroom, trying desperately to create an air current around the house. This will probably… Continue reading Microadventure | How to Have a MicroAdventure