A Trescao for Comfort

One of my favourite finished objects that I've made in 2021 has been my Trescao jumper, designed by Along Avec Anna. Looking through my wardrobe, I realised that I didn't have a light coloured knit jumper, nor did I have any cropped knits. So when I was searching, I was looking for a pattern that… Continue reading A Trescao for Comfort


Lifestyle | Spring Gardening

We bought a house in the summer of 2020 and with all the interior decorating that needed done, the garden barely got a look in - The most I did was cut the grass and plant some bulbs along the grass edge. It's such a sad state, especially when you compare it to my next… Continue reading Lifestyle | Spring Gardening

Books · Knitting

Books | 52 Weeks of Shawls

It's finally here! Laine Magazine has finally released their highly anticipated sequel to their 52 Weeks of socks book, and this time they are focusing on one of my favourite things to knit - shawls! 52 Weeks of Shawls is a divine collection from Laine Magazine, honouring modern shawl knitting, each from a different designer,… Continue reading Books | 52 Weeks of Shawls